Alleged Indirect Threat to EMS

May 11, 2018

Dear East Middle School Parents and Guardians,

This morning, we learned of a Snapchat post allegedly sent by one of our students that contained an indirect threat to 8th grade students at East Middle School. We also received a forwarded copy of the posting with an overlay that stated “Don’t go to school Monday @ people who go to East.” Our administrative team quickly began an investigation and consulted with our School Resource Officer.

We contacted the student’s parent who is working with us to remove the posting.
We believe that East Middle School is safe, there is currently no credible direct threat of harm to East Middle School, and that our students are safe to attend school on Monday morning.
We want to thank the parents and students who brought this to our attention, and we urge all parents to encourage your children to let us know anytime they hear or see anything that may not be safe. They do not have to worry about whether or not it is real. The administration and law enforcement will investigate each concern to make that determination.

Additionally, please speak with your children about how important it is to use good judgement, especially on social media, and to refrain from engaging in any sort of threat. Threats, whether true of false, are serious to us all. Students sending threats will face disciplinary consequences according to the BCSD Code of Conduct.

If you have a concern about student safety you wish for us to investigate, please contact us. We take every concern seriously and will always follow through to investigate and ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community.

Thank you all for helping us stay safe. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or call at 607-762-8300


Tim Simonds